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My second game! It's a virtual pet/clicker type game. Take care of your pet slimes! Feed them delicious bowls of rice! Watch them get bigger! Let them make money for you! Get more slimes! Watch them hop around! Watch them stick to walls! Buy bigger areas for your slimes to play in! Watch them hop around some more! Endless fun!

Controls: Use the arrow keys to move the camera in larger areas and navigate the shop. Press Z to open or close the shop. Press X to get coins or buy something in the shop.

Tips: Coin production increases every time a slime eats. Coin production increases even more if the slime gets bigger after eating.

Authordizzy labs
Made withPICO-8
Tagsclicker, PICO-8, Virtual Pet

Install instructions

Running Slime_Factory.p8.png requires a PICO-8.  If you have a PICO-8, just load and run the Slime_Factory.p8.png cartridge like any other project.


slime_factory.p8.png 21 kB


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Love this


Funny watching this little folks jumping around. Well done.